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3 billion yuan positive material investment behind the decoding of the United States and China strategy
Mar 02, 2017

Aimed at China's new energy vehicles, a huge potential market, the international lithium giant layout in China and a son. February 28, Belgium Umicore Group (hereinafter referred to as "Youke Branch") investment in new energy automotive battery cathode material project successfully signed landing Jiangmen, Guangdong.

Engineering Electricity learned that the United States Branch of the project investment of 3.0 billion, will build an annual output of 200,000 tons, the output value of over 10 billion yuan of new materials industry base, the main production NCM cathode materials and the corresponding precursor.

As early as May last year, Umicore Group announced that it would cost more than 160 million euros (about 1.2 billion yuan) to increase the NCM cathode material production capacity, respectively, located in Tian'an City (South Korea) and Jiangmen City (China) existing plant, and The two plants are adjacent to the undeveloped project construction. Umicore plans to triple the plant capacity by 2018, and the new capacity will start gradually in the second half of 2017.

Jiangmen gorgeous chief letter of the new materials Co., Ltd. General Manager Army East to the senior lithium, said the signing of the project is the United States Branch last year, the continuation of capacity expansion plans, based on the Chinese market optimistic, size and investment on the basis of the previous Has increased.

Umicore is the world's largest lithium battery cathode material manufacturers, lithium battery materials, the global market share of more than a quarter. In China, Umicore Lithium Battery Materials business covers most of the value chain, from metalworking (undertaken by the gorgeous refinery in Ganzhou) to chemical precursors until it is used for the terminal cathode material product inside the client battery. At present, China's largest market demand is used for power battery NCM ternary material, Umicore in 2006 and Jiangmen City long letter Technology Co., Ltd. joint venture (Umicore Holdings) opened the main NCM material production plant.