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Car battery suddenly out of power 3 ways to save
Dec 09, 2016

In case the battery suddenly no electricity, there are several ways to "help themselves".

One cart start is the most familiar and most effective methods of emergency starting, but it is an instrument of last resort, cannot be used, because it has some damage on the engine and clutch, automatic starting vehicles in particular, avoid using this method.

Second, in order to avoid when the battery is not charging, the owner should prepare a jumper cable in the car, auto parts can be bought in shops in General. However, when connecting jumper cables, do not get jumper cables wrong join order. First dead battery positive terminal connected with the positive terminal of the car battery, car battery's negative terminal connected with the dead metal parts of the engine room (ground wire). Jumper cable connected, start the car engine, and slightly increase the engine speed, and about 5 minutes later, may apply to the emergency charging of batteries run out of power. After charging is completed, according to jumper cables with the connection remove the jumper cables in reverse order.