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DIY car battery conservation tips-5 step cleaner
Dec 09, 2016

Car battery conservation tips 5 steps DIY cleaning

Under normal conditions, the life of a car battery for 4 years, and the length of battery life and climate as well as used car owners also have a lot to do. Common impairment battery life include: air humidity, dust, corrosion, electrodes loose or too tight, wear and tear as well as motor cable damaged. In extreme cases, these factors are even more serious accident may cause battery rupture, while the moisture and dust are considered to be two of the most common culprits.

Keep the battery clean and tidy, and make regular checks effective way to extend the life of car batteries is, and the cleaning of car batteries are different from daily cleaning materials, plus clean oil, wipe with a rag only is not enough.

During the cleaning process you first need to check whether the work environment in an open flame, paying particular attention to smoking is prohibited during the cleaning period, when engines should also pay attention to disconnect battery and automotive cable connection. Contains a lot of sulfur acid car battery may produce flammable hydrogen gas, open flame prone to explosion risk. And then remember to clean before the start and dry all items at the end to avoid short circuits.

Real clean start after bearing in mind the above considerations, the steps are as follows:

1. professional battery terminals brush or abandoned a toothbrush clean the battery positive and negative levels of dust and corrosive. If you accidentally got clean down residue on hands, be sure to wash your hands in a timely manner.

2. contact surfaces coated with Vaseline or lipids to form a protective film.

3. carefully check the battery, cables, beware of other potential factors that shorten the battery life.

4. reconnect the cables and batteries, in strict accordance with the positive and negative sequence in case of electric shock or damage to the car's electrical system.

5. then an overhaul, launch engines ensure the battery is connected properly.