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How to check the battery? How to maintain the battery?
Dec 09, 2016

Batteries believed that as long as there is an automotive knowledge knows this is the energy source of Automotive electrical systems. Since car maintenance, knowledge is becoming more and more popular, many owners of watch batteries dumbfounded squarely--so how is there something wrong? How to maintain it? To solve this problem, after a small part in consultation with professionals to sort results for members ' reference.

There are a lot of batteries are maintenance-free, of course, owners check the battery fluid is not required, in fact, you have no way of checking, which is completely enclosed, must not be opened without authorization, adding distilled water. But the battery needs more owners maintain, is actually check the battery fluid is enough, or it will affect its performance or even cause premature closing of the battery life, very unfortunately. Check the battery fluid just to check whether it is in between two lines, such as this, it is appropriate, and do not need to do other work. If the fluid level is below the bottom line, you need to add a battery fluid, can be added to the repair shop or 4S shop, can also to the ornament shop or auto parts store to add. If battery liquid quick dry, but sometimes cannot find distilled water battery liquid, can purchase a bottle of pure liquid water acts as a battery to reference in an emergency.