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How to choose the lead acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries?
Dec 09, 2016

Lead-acid batteries and lithium battery, what difference does it make? Small series summarizes some differences between lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, hoping to provide a reference for consumers:

1, durability: lead-acid battery deep deep discharge up to 400, with memory, life in about two years. If you are using the maintenance-free lead-acid battery, need to note its batteries lost water, add distilled water use is not generally required. Lithium battery durability is strong, consumption slow charge and discharge over 500 times, and no memory, general life in 4-5. On durable sex,, its battery resistance vibration sex good, completely charging state of battery security fixed, to 4mm of amplitude, 16.7Hz of frequency vibration 1 hours, no leak liquid, no battery expansion and the rupture, open voltage normal; resistance had charging sex good, 25 degrees Celsius, completely charging state of battery 0.1CA charging 48 hours, no leak liquid, no battery expansion and the rupture, open voltage normal, capacity maintained rate in 95% above; resistance big current sex good, Fully charged battery 2CA or 10CA discharge discharge 5 minutes 5 seconds, non-conductive parts fuse, no appearance of deformation.

2, volume, quality aspects: General lead acid battery pack weight was 16-30 kg, large size; lithium-ion batteries generally 2.5-3 kg, the volume is relatively small, so the ride is light, easy to carry. In terms of quality, what is good or bad is hard to define the two consumers according to their needs, buy regular factory production quality brand batteries.

3, price, warranty: the main battery on the market today is 48 volts, if replaced, lead-acid battery 450 Yuan, a 1-year warranty; lithium battery prices are relatively expensive, requires 1000 Yuan, but the warranty period is two years.

4, km: the same is a 48V battery, in the case of full charge, lead acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries for electric cars can be for 30-40. Speed depends on the motor size.

5, battery: lead-acid battery capacity for 20 or so; for 8-10 lithium-ion battery capacity.

6, environmental protection: in 2012 the State enacted the lead-acid battery industry after access conditions, lead-acid industry after a reorganization and integration into most of the manufacturers have been using cadmium-free arsenic-free green production and more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, only in the recovery process, if the wrong way can cause pollution; lithium-ion batteries in terms of production, recycling, more green.

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