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Judge electrode methods
Dec 09, 2016

1. According to the design of storage-battery electrode characteristics of judgment

Commonly used storage batteries in production design. The battery positive electrode at one end of the pile is thicker. Fine on the other end for the negative electrode, and identifiable batteries piles of color, which are piles of electrode appear dark brown, while the negative electrode is rendered as dark grey. Other battery positive and negative marks with letters of the alphabet, that p is expressed as positive electrode, n is expressed as the negative electrode, the repair charges can never make a mistake.

2. Using a multimeter voltage shift measurements

Set the multimeter to DC on the gear, and two tables on a pen across the storage battery electrodes, respectively, if the battery shows normal voltage value, evidenced by red table touch is battery positive electrode. Black table at the negative electrode. Sometimes no normal battery voltage measurements, you can measure the battery weak micro-saving power of judgment. When the pen touches the two tables after the storage battery electrodes, hands shaking slightly to the right, upon as red to battery positive electrode. By the black to the negative electrode. But if the meter pointer is left shaking (clock reaction), proved by the red touches to the negative pole of the battery.

3. the wire short circuit recognition

Will two root copper core power line respectively across received in stay determination of old battery electrode at, again will normal configuration good of electrolytic liquid (thick brine) pour a only glass cup within, will power line ends respectively insert Cup within, and their put aside in glass cup sides edge (two line in Cup in the cannot collide), then observation their leads end in electrolytic liquid in the of bubbling situation, if a a wire line end bubble Shang pan of small bubble obviously and and more Shi. Then the power cable connect one end of the battery to the negative electrode, bubble bubble-less and no obvious end to battery positive electrode.

4. determination of rectifier diodes

Regulator rectifier diode in the power supply has a one-way electric conductivity can be found one rectifier diode. A 40W incandescent bulbs. Followed by + side → a pile → battery diode diode-side battery → → incandescent a sequence of piles connected, forming a light series circuit, if incandescent lighted glow in the loop, then the proof of diodes and battery pile connections battery positive electrode and the other end to the negative pole of the battery.