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lifepo4 battery will be come back
Mar 02, 2017

December 30 new energy vehicle subsidies New Deal finally stepped on the New Year's node came out, and the same rumors of the same, improve the production enterprises and product access threshold, the introduction of new national battery power battery to improve the safety of battery life, Discharge performance and other indicators, the new energy subsidies will subsidize the amount of energy and battery system directly linked to the energy density, which means that the three yuan battery as the representative of the high energy density system battery will prevail in the system battle, Lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate and other systems will suffer a serious blow.

Affected by this, from November 2016 after a lot of lithium iron phosphate manufacturers, lithium iron phosphate manufacturers have cut or cut production, product line technology transformation to respond to the national policy of late adjustment, according to Xin Tao information statistics, 2017 In January, the output of lithium iron phosphate cathode material was 2602 tons, and the yield was only 33.3%. And in sharp contrast with it, ternary material manufacturers at full capacity or production, in January three yuan cathode material production 5220 tons, the yield reached 81%, in response to the market in 2017 to prepare, such as Hunan Enterprise ternary material production line in February this year, production capacity has expanded to 10,000 tons, September is expected to reach production capacity of 2-2.5 million tons; before the study of high voltage (4.4 volts) of a lithium cobalt oxide enterprises in Shandong last year, the main three yuan Materials, in June this year, production capacity will be doubled last year to reach 4,000 tons ... ... and so on, ternary material market prospects for a bright future.

However, from the beginning of 2016 there are some institutions that "cobalt resource shortage, the price will rise all the way," the rumors of the second half of 2016, but did not pay attention to most of the production enterprises, until the Spring Festival opened this year, in the Overseas cobalt prices rose, the domestic market all the way "triumph", the market finally got a clear proof.

Metal cobalt is not a rare metal, its ranking in the Earth's crust 33. It is generally believed that cobalt is difficult to form an independent economic deposit, cobalt is usually a by-product of copper or nickel. At present, the lithium battery industry is the largest application area of cobalt. Lithium and new energy vehicles in recent years, A-share market, an important "outlet", due to the new energy vehicle demand is expected, the entire industry chain stocks rose sharply. February 28 market rumors, the Shanghai futures giant Ge Weidong wantonly cobalt, cobalt metal prices in the past year rose more than 125%. On the occasion of the soaring price of cobalt, Huayou Cobalt, Luoyang Molybdenum, Green and other concept stocks also rose sharply, of which Huayou Cobalt nearly three years rose nearly a year. As for the reasons for the rise in cobalt prices, many media and institutions have done a lot of research reports, we will not elaborate, and the rise in cobalt prices, ternary materials and lithium cobalt oxide manufacturers what impact?