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New lithium battery anode material without adhesive
Jun 20, 2017

In the lithium ion battery anode preparation process, the proportion of binder in the electrode is generally between 3% -5%, if the electrode preparation process does not require adhesive can significantly improve the electrode capacity, improve the battery Energy Density. And the binder is usually an insulator, will hinder the ion transfer in the electrolyte, thereby affecting the electrochemical performance of the battery. Therefore, it is necessary to design the electrode material without the binder.

Recently, scientists have designed a number of new electrode materials without binder or current collector. Among them, single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) films are widely used in the design of flexible electrode because of their high specific surface area, high electrical conductivity and mechanical stability. Be concerned.

Recently, the Chinese University of Science and Technology, Song Li et al. Synthesized MoSe2 / SWCNTs composites by simple solvothermal method. As the negative electrode of lithium ion battery, there is no need for binder, which shows excellent electrochemical performance. The results were published in the International Journal ACS Nano.