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Summer electric car battery note
Dec 09, 2016

First, no exposure to high temperature

Hot weather not only will heat stroke, also makes electric heat. In the heat of the summer, if the electric vehicle in the Sun, then the chance of battery scrap are very high, especially high temperature electric battery fires are not uncommon, so be sure to avoid exposure to high temperature

Second, high temperature and charge abominable

In the countryside, many families are charging electric cars in the yard, and the hot weather, coupled with the heat generated when charging, a combination can lead to cell surface temperature is very high, hot surface of battery protective case, or even fire, charged in a cool place when charging, do not charge at a high temperature.

Three, do not drive immediately after charging

Because of lack of maintenance, many users use the battery is exhausted right after charging process in order to use again. But the editor would like to remind you of is that electric vehicles after the high temperature the temperature is very high, if the temperatures continue to increase direct charge lead batteries, even more than the critical point, ultimately to spontaneous combustion.

Four, removed battery charging

Many users in order to facilitate the plug directly on the electric vehicle recharging, charging at ordinary temperatures there is no problem, but when it comes to high temperatures or under the summer sun, this method of charging can leave a lot of risk. In particular, sun exposure when electric cars with batteries when temperatures increase rapidly, and the battery will have a warming process, plus battery narrowed in a narrow space, the heat more slowly, so the risk is high.

V, the charger will not mess with

I do not know if such a situation, when you want to charge, just electric car battery charger is not around, then borrow someone else's one. At first glance, there's nothing wrong with, but professionals say such borrowing of others for charging the battery at greater risk, especially in summer. Electric vehicle batteries are certain matches, different battery charger fit different, mixed use, it is easy to cause a short circuit or under charge.

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