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Three battery maintenance considerations
Dec 09, 2016

A check post

Wellness checks on the appearance

Batteries usually in the engine compartment in the treatment of some of the outside protector, while the outside world does not have a direct impact on it, but if the battery age, internal overheating may occur, the change would lead to formation of hot and cold deformation on the surface. If the detected battery shape changes will need to be replaced.

Owners check the battery except in appearance, but can also be rounded on a maintenance-free battery self-test to check the window color changes, and check the battery need to use professional tools. Other, more specialized testing or shall be handed over to a professional repair shop, and avoid danger.

In General battery cycle in about 2 years, but if used wisely life can reach 4-5.

Reminder: after 2 years of use, so check.

Voltage check

Standard voltage the battery in good condition should be kept between 12.2-12.7V. If the voltage is too low to charge, charging should be kept small battery charging for a long time. Used professional battery charging charger, owners do not try to recharge, vehicle owners can just keep the engine running to recharge the battery. If aging battery should be replaced.

Note: If the battery has not been damaged, normal startup operations can power and charge.

Electrolyte density check

Evaluation battery charging is normal, if this is the important parameters in Aging, densimeter or electrolytic fluid density meter can measure. If the electrolytic fluid density is too small you will need to recharge. The electrolyte concentration too concentrated or too diluted to a certain extent, also means such as plate vulcanizing, short circuit or overcharge, when maintenance is needed.

Note: this check checks generally require maintenance of professional technicians, the owners themselves generally do not have the appropriate tools.

Check the battery first

Accumulator pile head is part of the battery connected to the vehicle, if there is corrosion or poor connections will cause the poor battery, car owners can check whether there is a white powder near the head, that is a sign of corrosion. If more white powder or when there is a green oxide, can use boiling water to boil out, then its anti-corrosion treatment, apply some grease or preservative in the pile, but be careful not to apply too much, so as not to affect the use.

Note: this check should be wearing gloves to avoid corrosion of fingers.

B review

Battery Park for a long time lose power

Batteries require regular maintenance and upkeep, then, how to properly use the battery?

1 and after electrolyte kuihao: after kuihao if the electrolyte, not to add the water or sulfuric acid, batteries add liquid or distilled water should be chosen.

2, the battery environment: ambient temperature change has a big impact on battery life, extreme heat and cold is killer battery life.

3, maintaining adequate battery internal battery: during normal vehicle, air conditioning, lighting and other electrical devices are powered by a generator. If you encounter traffic jams when, due to the engine speed is too low, the engine cannot guarantee that these high-power electrical equipment working properly, then the output of the battery will begin to charge. If the battery in such a State of loss for a long time, will accelerate the ageing battery plates and shorten the service life.

4, storage of batteries: some vehicles parked for a long time, without any battery, remove from heat and power naturally think vehicles shut down, but this is a wrong concept. Need computer memory data or initialization is needed to maintain power equipment. A full battery, 2-3 weeks after vehicles are parked, there will be a situation of lack of electricity, if sustained for a month, the internal battery will release clean. So if you want to stop vehicles for a long time, pile head connection of the battery should be disconnected. But even if the battery is stored separately, which itself also have a self-discharge phenomenon. Therefore recommends that the owner of the vehicle if the vehicle is parked for a long time, charge the battery for a 2-3 months.

C Note review

Battery 3 do not

1, do not block vent non-maintenance-free battery. Non-maintenance-free battery vents are used to heat and release the internal pressure if the vents blocked, will lead to increased internal pressure, which can lead to battery explosion.

2, do not use the incorrect charging method. Battery charging current for a long time method to use, if you use a high current charge for a long time can cause heat to boil the electrolyte, moisture evaporates, so that the density of the electrolyte changes.

3, do not work in a State of loss for a long time. If excessive battery discharge due to negligence, after you restart the vehicle, should ensure that the engine is running at least 1 hour, to charge the battery.