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Wholesale Lipo Battery Rechargeable 3.7 V Batteria Ai Polimeri Di Li Ion 2600mah

Products specification Specification: Picture: 2. About our production cell production line 3. About our factory KAYO BATTERY, a Japan-China joint venture company, was founded in 1999 and completed the technology transfer from Japan. KAYO is a professional battery manufacturer specialized in the...


Products specification



3.7v lithium polymer battery 453030

Nominal voltage


vNominal capacity



thickness × width × length (mm)



· High energy density

· Safety and reliable(with PCM)

· Long cycle life

· no memory

· Never explosion,stable performance,environment friendly

· capacity and size could be customized

Max charge current


Charging method

charge with constant current 1C to 4.2v,then charge with constant voltage 4.2v, till charge current less than 0.01C

Max discharge current


Discharge cut-off voltage

3v, the over-discharge detection voltage of PCM

Operating environment

Charging, 0°C ~ 45°C ; 65±20%RH 

Discharging, -20°C~60°C ; 65±20%RH

Storage environment



storage for a long time(>3 months) and the storage condition shall be:<35°C;65±20%RH;

(100% Prime Capacity) :


Charging Attention

Charging current and charging voltage should be less than specified in the Product Specification.

The charger shall be designed to comply with Specification.

It is dangerous that charging with higher current or voltage than Product Specification may cause damage to the cell electrical,mechanical safety performance.





3.7V 1250mAh.jpg

3.7V 1250mAh battery.jpg




2. About our production cell production line




3. About our factory

KAYO BATTERY, a Japan-China joint venture company, was founded in 1999 and completed the technology transfer from Japan. KAYO is a professional battery manufacturer specialized in the development and manufacture of Lithium Battery, and has learned mature management experience from Japan on many aspects. 



Why choose us

1: we have all kinds of certificate to meet your difference marketing.


2.we have strict quality control way

E:KAYO maintains and strictly executes the quality management system ISO9001, including IQC、IPQC、QA, QE,FQC and measurement test. Advanced testing equipments insure the quality of batteries to be reliable and stable.

F:FQC In charge of the final quality inspection before shipment.




METROLOGY  Metrological controls.



3.We have good after sales

Refund request

If spare parts are not complete, please call us and feedback details within 7 days, 

we will send replacement immediately.


You are warmly welcomed to contact with us if you are interested in any commodities exhibited on the fair.



For the trade way:




About our packing factory:



1. Q: Your are Japan company?

A: KAYO BATTERY, a Japan-China joint venture company, was founded in 1999 and completed the technology transfer from Japan.Now it is managed by Chinese people in 2014,but we still keep the Japanese technology.

2. Q: What kinds of products your are production?

 A: we produced lithium battery and li-ion battery, polymer battery ,NI-MH battery

Which are widely used in1.Light: headlamp, emergency light, sloar flashlight, searchlight, lanten,bicycle light, LED light, military 

flashlight, high-end flashlight, high power flashlight, bright flashlight.

2.Outdoor sports products: camping light, mountain bike light, solor emergency light, self-defense flashlight,

3.Customer electronics: MPS, Tablet PC. laptop, Bluetooth earphone, power bank, portable DVD player, 

speaker, microphone, sound equipment, audio, Digital camera, vidican.

4.Home appliances products: electric mop, electric vacuum cleaner, electric children toys, electric shoes, 

electric blanket.

5.Medical devices

6.Instruments and meters: water meter, gas meter.

7.Electric transportation vehicles: electric bike, electric car, e-scooter, electric motor

8.Power tools: electric drill, mower



6.  Q: Are you manufacturer or simply trading company?

     A: We are manufacturer, and we sincerely welcome you to visit our factory!

7.  Q: what’s guarantee time?

     A: Sincere Service

*The refund request should be put forward during the one-year return period. Commodities and all parts should remain intact with labels undamaged.

*In case of defective goods, the extra freight charge incurred from refunding or changing will be covered by KAYO. In case of other reasons, customer shall pay the extra freight or deduct it from the refund.

*The refunding and changing are not acceptable if the goods are contaminated, improperly maintained, or used incorrectly.

 *  We will provide solution within 24 hours after receiving complaint. The cause analysis will be given within 3 days, and the solution will be offered within 7 days.




8. Q: if your battery customization

A:Yes of course all of our battery are customization, so if your have special request, please let us know, then we can give your some advise!

9. What’s KAYO battery Advantages?

Lithium battery has high working voltage , energy density , low self discharge rate and memoryless effect etc. Lithium battery can be made thinner and smaller . The minimum thickness of polymer li-ion battery is 0.5mm , and can be made into different size and shape , which greatly improves the flexibility of battery design , so as to make battery with different shapes and capacity on the  products need

Great consistency and high rate capability

Safe and has low internal resistance

Long shelf life



Battery Remark:


1.Never completely discharge lion battery. 

2.Charge fully before first use.

3.Never use force to install (insert) liion battery. 

4.Do not use old and new battery cells together.  

5.Use only high quality battery charger. 

6.Do not expose to heat.

7.Do not short (connect) positive (top), and negative (bottom) battery terminals.

   Keep Battery that is not in use in plastic holder.

8.Use high quality battery charger.

9.Do not charge unattended. 

10.Do not store your liion batteries fully charged (for extended period of time).

11.Store in cold and dry place.

12.After battery is discharged-don't leave it discharged=>charge it as soon as possible.

13.Using the battery application equipped,refer to the user’s manual before usage.

14.When the cell is not charged after long exposure to charger, discontinue charging.

15.Battery must be charged at operating temperature range 0 ~ 50°C. Be discharged at -20~60 °C . 

Product Advantage

1.Green product

2.Long standby time

3.One year warranty

4.Excellent safety performance

5.Excellent storage performance and low self-discharge rate

6.Short circuit testing passed

7.Overcharge testing passed

8.Over discharge testing passed

9.150C thermal shock test passed




Welcome to buy the quality wholesale lipo battery rechargeable 3.7 v batteria ai polimeri di li ion 2600mah from our company. We're one of the leading battery manufacturers and suppliers in China, also supporting wholesale service and customized service. For more details, contact our factory now.

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