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18650 Consistency Affects The Use Of Mainstream Passenger Cars
Mar 13, 2017

Tesal by the use of 18650 battery driven in recent years, the domestic investment enthusiasm for the 18650 enthusiasm continues to heat up, a number of listed companies, the company actively layout 18650 factories, many new entrants also choose 18650. The reasons are: 1) the 20th century, 90 years, Sony invented 18650 batteries, after 20 years of development, its technology, matching and other relatively mature, relatively low threshold; 2) 18650 cost than the square, soft package low; 3) 18650 Of the monomer energy density is high.

More than 10 domestic 18650 power lithium battery manufacturers, the current domestic 18650 power battery is mainly used for micro-cars, logistics vehicles, etc., the current application of 18650 batteries in the low proportion of passenger cars, the main reason 1) 18650 batteries single Small capacity, the number of parallel connection, the probability of single failure risk, with the capacity pack package 18650 with the group rate is lower than the square and soft battery; 2) Tesla has been able to better use 18650 for passenger cars , With its excellent battery management system has a great relationship. Domestic current BMS performance with Tesla still has a gap, limited capacity for thermal management.

GGII believes that the 18650 battery has a high degree of automation, low cost, high capacity, but by the materials, technology, equipment, single capacity and battery management system and other restrictions, 18650 battery pack packet consistency problem is more prominent. Domestic enterprises need to BMS, pack technology and other aspects of increased research and development, improve the 18650 with the group rate, and then to improve the 18650 battery in the domestic application of the proportion of passenger cars.

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