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3rd Generation FLIR One And One Pro Mobile Phone With Thermal Imager Hands To Play: Improved Joints And Visible Light Upgrade
May 31, 2017

The new difference between the FLIR One and the FLIR One Pro, and the previous generation (that is, the out of the box) is the biggest difference between the visible light, the visible light Image resolution in one fell swoop from VGA to 1440 x 1080, so that the overlapping image clearer, the working temperature from the original 0 ~ 35 ° C extended to -20 ~ 60 ° C. According to the site observation, FLIR One Pro running fluency seems to be more than the third generation of FLIR One, the other body should also be metal material, texture was better.

The third generation of FLIR One and FLIR One Pro in addition to the continuation of the Lightning version of the corresponding iOS device, Android part of the latest USB Type-C, the new version of the port also joined the telescopic adjustment function, can meet the installation requirements of more diverse devices.

Unfortunately, the next generation of products did not improve the resolution of the infrared thermal lens, the high-end version of FLIR One Pro to maintain the previous generation 160 x 120 size, entry third generation FLIR One is shrunk to only 80 x 60 , Back to the same level with the first generation of FLIR One, it is a bit pity. In addition, the sensing temperature range is also maintained at -20 ° to 120 ° C, the same as the previous generation.

In terms of applications, the third generation of FLIR One and FLIR One Pro and the previous generation product is no difference, can be used with the original App to take pictures, video, data capture, FLIR also open API to third-party manufacturers App interface.

The third generation FLIR One and FLIR One Pro will be available worldwide in the second quarter of 2017 at € 249 and € 499 respectively. See this side, if it is USB Type-C device, it is recommended that the teeth bite straight on FLIR One Pro is better, but if it is iOS device, unless you want a larger picture of the visible light, or from the thermal image of the degree of detail The general use of the environment, it seems to buy old enough.

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