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45 Lithium Battery Enterprises 121 Security Risks
Apr 14, 2017

Recently, Shenzhen Baoan District Security Bureau law enforcement team around the lithium battery

 business launched a surprise inspection.

In action, the reporter with a law enforcement team,

 came to the city of Fucheng street lion community nuclear power industrial park in Shenzhen City 

gifted Kerry Co., Ltd. to check. 

After the inspection found that the company exists lithium battery batteries finished product

 storage lack of video surveillance, temperature and humidity control,

 ceiling power cord chaos chaos random, the production workshop there are seven hidden dangers, 

law enforcement officers on the spot that they do not have safe production conditions,

 immediately Seal the total power box.

Reporters learned that the field of law enforcement officers on the basis of law enforcement

 inspection, "lithium-ion battery business safety management guidelines (Trial)" is the District

 Safety Supervision Bureau specialized experts and experts to develop, 

for the lithium battery business technical characteristics, 

identified 9 Class 62 check the contents of the unified law enforcement inspection standards. 

At the same time, according to law enforcement points, 

District Safety Supervision Bureau produced a unified "on-site inspection program", 

so that law enforcement officers to law enforcement, due diligence.

So the lithium battry will be always pay the more attation to the safety!

lithium battery safety is very important!

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