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AKASOL Lithium Battery Module Life Extension Of 50%
Mar 07, 2017

After eight months of durability testing, the German high-performance battery system supplier AKASOL claims that its latest lithium battery module AKAMODULE (divided into 46Ah and 53Ah two versions) can withstand all kinds of extreme conditions. The test results show that the life of the battery can be increased by up to 50% when the module is designed with a liquid-cooled design (developed internally) and the cell material is extremely uniform compared to other manufacturers' specifications. If the battery is used in pure electric buses, even if the mileage more than one million kilometers, the battery can continue to use.

The lithium battery module is normally used at 25 ° C ambient conditions, and the battery module is still available at extreme temperatures of 50-55 ° C due to its excellent performance.

"Even after four versions of the 46Ah and 53Ah battery modules go through 8000 and 3000 fullloadcycles, the battery module's capacity is still able to keep it," said Björn Eberleh, head of project management, testing and services at AKASOL. The initial capacity of 80%. Even if only 30% of the residual electricity, the battery module is still able to run, so the total load cycle should be able to reach the total amount of 1.5 million. Another test results are: a single cell deterioration Uniform, the result is satisfactory, will significantly reduce the capacity loss on the assembly line, which means that the battery life can be delayed for longer.

In the indoor test environment, AKASOL engineers will 46Ah and 53Ah two versions of the battery module placed under extreme conditions test. At 50-55 ° C and 100 A constant load test environment, the battery pack can run fullcycles for up to 1.5 years. The difference between the battery capacity, the cell voltage and the internal resistance confirms the battery experts' previous predictions. In some applications, its performance will exceed expectations.

In fact, due to differences in battery production, all kinds of operating conditions are not the same, in a specific energy storage device for charging, the charging of the batteries will become uneven. To this end, the battery management system must ensure that the battery charge status to the same level. In the multi-cell battery, this power balance way to make the whole system capacity can be fully utilized, and longer service life. Battery module integration is extremely high, AKAMODULE energy density of 140Wh / kg or more, so that the vehicle mileage is longer, more durable.

AKAMODULE using water - ethylene glycol mixture as a coolant. Previously, the production of the module and the integration of the mixture was extremely complicated, and later found a new manufacturing method to simplify, resulting in a significant reduction in the volume of the battery.