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Alipay And Ingenico Only One Step Can Be Used To Cooperate
May 19, 2017

Ingenico, a French payment and processing group, has partnered with Alipay in China, which will allow Chinese visitors to Europe to pay for the goods and services using the popular electronic wallet.

The Paris-based payment software and terminal manufacturer said the partnership would allow thousands of European businesses - from supermarkets and large retailers to restaurants and bars - to accept customers using PayPal app to complete in-store payments.

Alipay said that its active users reached 450 million, accounting for about 80% of the national mobile payment market share.

However, despite the fact that many of the 1250 visitors to Europe and China spent last year using Alipay app, so far they can only use cash or other means of payment when traveling to Paris, Rome or other destinations in Europe.

"Payments have become the resistance of the business, so we will allow retailers to achieve sales to Chinese tourists and eliminate this resistance," said Jacques Behr, executive vice president of Ingenico's European and African operations, to the Financial Times "Said.

Ingenico, which provides in-store and online payment equipment worldwide, has allowed merchants to accept transactions with other e-wallet app, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

However, Ingenico said the partnership with Alipay will "provide a complete online and in-store payment solution to European buyers and different retailers, which is customized for Chinese tourists to Europe."

"One of our key missions is to provide our customers with the ability to purchase goods and services around the world," said Douglas Feagin, senior vice president at Ant Financial. While Europe is a major destination for Chinese tourists. "