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All Solid Lithium Batteries: The Use Of Glass Electrolyte Safer And More Efficient And Durable
Mar 02, 2017

The word innovation seems to be closer to the young man. However, for the 94-year-old man, it seems a bit distant. However, the inventor of the lithium-ion battery, the University of Texas at Austin, 94-year-old professor of Engineering JohnGoodenough is old and vigorous, he led the team developed the first all-solid lithium battery.

Goodenough is a famous solid physicist, one of the founders of lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide and lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, one of the founders of lithium-ion batteries, known by the industry as "the father of lithium." He has made an important contribution to the field of materials science and technology, especially lithium ion batteries.

Goodnough and Mariahelena Braga, a senior researcher at Cockerle College, completed the latest breakthrough study, which was recently published in the journal Energy and Environmental Sciences. They developed the battery with "low cost", "all solid", "non-flammable", "long life", "high volume energy density", "fast charge and discharge" and so on.

For the newly invented solid-state lithium battery, Goodenough said:

"Cost, safety, energy density, charge and discharge rates, cycle life, are critical to the wider use of battery-powered vehicles, and we believe that our invention addresses many of the inherent problems in today's batteries."