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Analysis On Industrialization Prospect Of Lithium Phosphate (LMP) Energy Storage Material
Mar 14, 2017

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of these types of secondary batteries, there is no indicators of the current requirements can meet the "ideal battery." For lithium-ion batteries for energy storage, compared with the layered cathode material and spinel cathode material, only the use of olivine structure cathode material is likely to meet most of its technical indicators. Therefore, I believe that the cathode cathode material should be the first choice for energy storage lithium-ion battery.

At present there are industrial prospects of olivine structure cathode material is mainly LFP, LMP and both solid solution LMFP. In this paper, the technology will focus on the introduction of manganese phosphate (LMP) industrial prospects and the main problems facing.

Many people think that in many olivine cathode materials, in addition to the LFP is most likely the industrialization of the phosphate cathode material is LMP, but the author of the industrial prospects of LMP reservations. The biggest advantage of LMP is its energy density is higher than the LFP. Although LMP theoretical lithium storage capacity and LFP the same (171mAh / g), but LMP relative to Li + / Li electrode potential of 4.1V higher than the LFP 3.4V, LMP material can calculate the theoretical energy density LFP higher than 20% In the actual battery about 10-15% of the energy density increase.

In addition, raw materials and low production costs is also often mentioned one of the advantages of LMP. But I personally believe that, due to the difficulties in the production of LMP materials and practical application of some additional costs, LMP comprehensive use of the cost is not more advantages than the LFP.

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