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Battery Headted Your Cold Blood
Feb 14, 2017

We all know someone who is always cold, even when it’s the hot season. We gently tease the person, saying that he or she is exaggerating, or maybe is overreacting. We just think that the person is skittish and that’s all.

Nevertheless, we often underestimate the continuous chilliness. Not enough people make the effort to see the GP to know what’s wrong with them. However, if it’s your case, you shouldn’t hesitate go to the GP, in order to understand where this unpleasant sensation comes from.

As a matter of fact, being cold all the time is maybe due to lots of reasons, too often unknown to the public…

You maybe guessed it that today, we are going to talk about the various causes that produce this permanent sensation of cold and how to fight them. Hang on, let’s go for an overview of them!

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