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Battery Material Prices Rise
Feb 14, 2017

Most of the battery raw material is risen more and more.

Here is the details of the raw material.

Cobalt prices rose from $ 7.25 / lb in August 2016 to $ 16.10 / lb. Downstream battery materials lithium cobalt oxide prices since last October rose 40.6% (18.95-266,500 yuan / ton), ternary materials (nickel cobalt manganate) prices rose 7.80% (14.1-152 yuan / ton), products Price increases improve corporate profitability.

Lithium electric plant fire affect market sentiment

February 8 Tianjin Samsung SDI factory lithium battery production line fire. According to Tianjin fire news, fire substances for the production workshop lithium batteries and some semi-finished products, the specific cause of the fire is still under investigation. Samsung said the fire on the production of little impact, will not affect the new mobile phone battery supply. During the recovery of production, it may accelerate the procurement of lithium cathode materials.

Power lithium batteries to maintain high demand growth, leading enterprises benefit

2016 new energy vehicle production 517000, an increase of 51.7%; lithium battery cathode material production of 161,600 tons, an increase of 43%. With the new energy vehicles subsidy policies have been introduced, the state clearly encourages high efficiency, low energy consumption of new energy automotive industry development, leading enterprises such as when the technology, will continue to benefit from the industry's high demand growth and overall market share .

What's would be the result for the raw material.

Yes that would be bring a thorough revolution to the battery pack factory!

High quality strong plant can be get the high level customers. Yes they can survive.

But for small low quality battery factory won't.

So that is a chance for battery factory to become more strong!