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BMS Battery
Apr 14, 2017

The proportion of the components of the battery system, the cost and weight of the distribution, 

is actually an interesting problem with a rated small battery pack (20kwh),

 large battery pack (60kwh) and PHEV battery pack (8-10kwh) and HEV package Look,

 inside the electrical system, the cost of the battery management system (BMS) is a set of a 

package, so these two items are actually diluted with the ratio of capacity kwh.

Read the SAE Denso on the HEV BMS system, on the design of some of the content,

 more meaningful, extract some of the content we look at.

In short, this product is around the implementation of the lithium battery HEVPack implementation of the previous generation of lithium BMS took over to see each ASIC channel further increased.

BMS battery