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By 2017 Cobalt Prices Led Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
Jun 05, 2017

By the international impact of cobalt prices, coupled with China's mining conditions for the mining area tightening, driving IT battery prices from the fourth quarter of 2016 began to rise. In addition, the cobalt price from 2 to 3 this year, a substantial price increase, associated with the first quarter so far IT battery prices from the soaring to turn the situation, as of the second quarter, IT battery prices rose more than the average rate of 15%.

EnergyTrend senior research manager Lv Li Shun pointed out that the overall supply of IT batteries to observe the situation, the estimated 2017 cylindrical battery accounted for the proportion of the overall supply will continue to be reduced to 22%, while the demand for polymer batteries continued to rise, the proportion of supply is expected from 2016 40% jump to 55% in 2017.

Lu Li Shun said that although the cylindrical battery size restrictions, but including electric bicycles, gaming notebook computers and other power applications are still the best choice for cylindrical type, especially when the use of the environment needs to reach 1 ~ 2C discharge situation, the cylindrical battery is still best choice. By the current power demand continues to increase the impact of energy consumption, IT cylindrical battery despite the decline in the proportion of supply year after year, but also began to appear in short supply.

While the square battery Although the initial market positioning is to replace the polymer battery, but with the brand system for the choice of weight considerations, the square battery in the IT battery market penetration rate is still unable to significantly short-term, so the polymer battery look forward to the next five years , Is still the mainstream of the IT battery market, estimated future market supply and demand is still stable growth.

In addition, the impact of cobalt prices, including cylindrical, polymer and square cell costs are subject to varying degrees of impact, lithium cobalt cathode material (LCO) are mostly used for 3.0Ah ~ 3.2Ah high capacity type, relative to the three original cathode material (NMC ), LCO is a high-purity cobalt metal proportion of the cathode material, from the cylindrical battery point of view, the rise in cobalt prices for a specific capacity of the larger cost; most of the use of LCO polymer batteries, the most significant cost impact.

In contrast, the square battery prices are gradually reflecting the cost, but its rate of increase may also be quite similar to the cylindrical and polymer. EnergyTrend pointed out that from the price trend, reflecting the fourth quarter of 2016 and the first quarter of this year, raw material costs, IT battery prices rose significantly higher than the first quarter of the first quarter.

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