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BYD And Tesla Battery Control Technology Competition
Mar 06, 2017

Lithium iron phosphate and nickel cobalt aluminum battery of the Bureau

In the motor, control technology is evidence to follow, maturing time, the most difficult to solve the dilemma of electric vehicles and the biggest competition are from the battery technology.

Tesla in the early Roadster electric sports car, using a very small 18650 lithium cobalt oxide battery, this battery is usually used in mobile phones, laptops and other small appliances. Its greatest feature is that it has a very high energy density, almost reaching 170 watts per kilogram. But its thermal stability at the same time suffered criticism, in about 180 degrees will appear decomposition and oxygen.

Later, Tesla in order to compromise the energy density, power density and security, in the Model S models on the use of modified ternary battery nickel cobalt aluminum battery, so that the total number of batteries reached more than 8000 knots, more than 1000 more than the Roadster Section, but the cost has dropped by three percent. In spite of this, the very limited number of cycles is still shackles. This type of battery is used in electric cars, and the battery will die after three to four years at a charging frequency every two days.

Tesla's solution is to provide "no-fault" battery warranty policy, that is, as long as not man-made damage, collision caused by battery damage, can get eight years free warranty. And when the battery life expires, Tesla will assume the battery recycling and replacement. This policy will be with the introduction of entry-level models, sales increase for Tesla brought a lot of pressure. This may also be one of the reasons for its preparation for the world's largest battery factory.

In contrast, BYD used lithium iron phosphate battery is currently widely used in the battery. Its advantage lies in the high thermal stability, at 600 degrees when the structure is still relatively stable, and because the trivalent iron ions are not lively, it is difficult to change the chemical, which makes its life is relatively long, theoretically greater than the vehicle Life, long-term use of the lower cost. At the same time, lithium iron phosphate battery power density is better, can be a large discharge rate, a good acceleration performance.

However, compared to the three yuan lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery energy density and no advantage, about 100 ~ 110W / kg, which led to the same weight under the conditions of its shorter mileage, want to get higher Of the mileage, it is inevitable need to increase the battery weight, increase costs.

Comprehensive performance point of view, not all enterprises have Tesla's software capabilities, battery management capabilities, so lithium iron phosphate battery is still more optimistic, more pragmatic battery type. This may also be one of the reasons for the general use of lithium iron phosphate batteries.