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China Can Occupy The Dominant Position In The Battery Industry Yes Or No
Feb 14, 2017

It would be very hard to see if China can occupy the dominant position in the battery industry.

Yes China battery has the advantages, low price.

But that is not enough, of course most of the battery factory now that.

So they pay attention to the battery quality of course.

It is about ten years since lithium-ion battery has been in China.

So Chinese battery factory has lots of experience, such as the BYD battery.

But for most of the battery factory still face the change of quality, but we belive china factory can deal it well.

Lithium-ion battery manufacturers in China this year hope that through low prices to create their own advantages. The news of Japan and South Korea's battery manufacturers stock fell. China is also planning to adopt the price advantage in the solar energy industry after the battery industry to dominate it?

US information services company battery expert Henning Vicht believes that the Chinese people probably can not like in the solar industry is easy to occupy the dominant position. "Japan and South Korea produce batteries that can hold more power in the same volume," he said, "and unlike solar modules, it's not just price, but quality, for EV batteries." "In other words, China's low-cost batteries may not be able to find buyers." In particular, the safety performance, the Chinese manufacturers are clearly in a backward position, so the old battery manufacturers so far not into panic . "All battery manufacturers have to respond to this and lower their prices accordingly," Vicht said.