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Continue To Climb New Peaks Of Lead-acid Batteries
Dec 09, 2016

On October 16, at the fourth session of the national seminar on the new technology of lead-acid batteries, Zhao Jinsheng, Chairman of the speech to the meeting, reviewed the development of lead-acid batteries, and perspectives for hosting the previous seminar, fully affirmed the positive role played by the industry.

Zhao, Chairman of pointed out that, "Twelve-Five" during, with national focus development strategic industries policy of implementation, for battery manufacturing provides has new of development opportunities, except by new energy car rapid development pull, new energy power battery investment and capacity surge outside, lead battery show out to its produced near 160 years history, continues to get social recognized of technology mature, and performance stable, and security reliable, and using convenient, and environment adaptability strong, and price superior, obviously advantage, keep has health, and fast development momentum, In adapting to economic development, to meet the mass consumer market diversification needs and ensure the needs of national defense strategy, played a very important role. In 2015, the lead-acid battery production reached 209.991 million VAH, than "Twelve-Five" beginning of 2010 rose 46% 144.161 million VAH, increasing at an annual rate of about 7%, higher than the current United States, and Japan, the European countries annual growth rate lead-acid batteries.

Regarding the future, Zhao, Chairman of think "Thirteen-Five" while there is still demand for lead-acid batteries, as part of the emerging industries of strategic importance, is indispensable. First, the lead-acid battery based on inherent comparative advantage, will still leave the current application status of flagship product. A car starter lead-acid batteries will continue to grow; the second is communications and added renewable energy is still a large scale space; the third is for mass consumption needs of various types of low-speed electric vehicles, will continue to pull the lead-acid battery to grow and, secondly, through the development and industrialization of new lead-acid batteries, will fully show the development of strong vitality. Appears widely used lead-acid batteries in the battery field range, has a larger market share, secure and reliable performance, and resource recycling as well as the elements, cannot be replaced by other types of batteries for a long time.

On how build good industry innovation drive platform construction, Zhao, Chairman of said, national lead battery technology seminar, in Yang Yusheng academician advocate Xia, as China engineering hospital energy and Mining Engineering Department, and China battery industrial association each two years one times of professional academic meeting, each session are tight buckle "green development" theme, seeks to do pulse industry technology development direction, theme select ahead, and sharp, alternative papers close innovation practice, open, and fresh, a new lead battery research results in promoted enterprise technology progress, Overcome common, key technical challenges and realize industrialization, played a leading role, helping push. Believe that this seminar, the concerted efforts, through discussion, Exchange, learn, interact will impact a large number of lead-acid batteries of the latest manufacturing technologies and information related to spark, inspired creative inspiration, in order to promote the continued health of lead-acid battery industry, sustainable development and make due contribution!