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Cooperation With Jetstar Panasonic To Open A New Chapter In The Localization Of Power Battery In China
Jun 21, 2017

Recently, Jetstar New Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jetstar) and Panasonic cooperation news caused widespread concern in the community, the long-awaited good news finally surfaced - Jetstar official stake Sanyo Energy (Suzhou ) Co., Ltd., and has been on June 7 for business-related change procedures. The total investment of the plant is 2.5 billion yuan, and Jetstar accounts for 47.75% of the capital contribution. Sanyo energy in the second half of 2017 began production of Panasonic 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery, the battery is the Chinese commercial vehicle market, the professional design of the power battery. Combined with Jetstar's PACK technology, equipped with Jetstar for this battery custom development of the safety battery module, the common supply of China's high-end commercial vehicle market. 2018, will introduce a higher energy density of 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery to meet the electric car market for the growing demand for power batteries. Sanyo Energy in 2018 can provide 250 million cylindrical lithium-ion battery.

Matsushita Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Panasonic) produced the battery high-quality, long life, high security, high energy density, advanced lithium-ion battery technology is recognized worldwide. Panasonic holds the world's first cylindrical lithium-ion battery share, in the automotive market share of 56%, high-end passenger car market share of 100%.

Sanyo Energy (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, is a subsidiary of Panasonic Group, responsible for the production of Panasonic 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery business.

Jetstar and Panasonic continue to expand the field of cooperation, the Jetstar and Panasonic in the field of power battery cooperation is committed to building China's localization of Panasonic power battery, aimed at commercial high-end market, to seize the high ground.

Jetstar New Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, is specialized in new energy vehicle power battery system research and development and production enterprises, while Jetstar also has a new energy vehicle three core technology and new energy vehicles Vehicle design and development capabilities.

Jetstar production of the battery system using the domestic advanced power battery, independent development of power battery module, BMS, battery PACK system. Over the past few years, Jetstar and battery companies together for a number of domestic mainstream vehicle companies to provide power battery system, which Jetstar and battery manufacturers and vehicle companies to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

Jetstar always adhere to the road of new energy development, and always firmly believe that the importance of the development of new energy, but also to thank the parties to the new energy industry support for Jetstar, the success of the Suzhou Industrial Park, Wuzhong District Government, Xu mouth The town government and so have given strong support so that cooperation is so smooth. Jetstar will be based on market demand, continue to build multi-level products, and constantly improve the security requirements, forward-looking grasp of market demand and trends, as always, with all customers close cooperation, corresponding to strong demand for power batteries for the "three five" Efforts and contributions.