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Coveted The Chinese Market GM / BMW / Panasonic And Other Six Giant Layout In China, New Energy
Jul 08, 2017

International Energy Agency (IEA) data show that as of 2016, China's global sales of electric vehicles accounted for more than 40%, continue to maintain the status of the world's largest electric car market. In fact, China is also a world leader in the field of electric bicycles and electric buses that do not focus on the International Energy Agency: China currently has more than 200 million electric bicycles and more than 300,000 electric buses.

Relying on the huge electric car market, the domestic lithium industry chain from top to bottom simultaneously take off. According to statistics, in January 2016 - June 2017 period: China's lithium battery project total investment of more than 143.3 billion; cathode materials and upstream mineral resources project total investment of more than 47.8 billion yuan; negative materials and lithium copper foil project total investment over 206 Billion yuan; lithium diaphragm project total investment of 19.551 billion yuan; electrolytic project investment amounted to 2.045 billion yuan.

Huge market incentives, foreign companies to China, "Happy Valley enclosure" trend has also been strengthened. According to incomplete statistics, only the first half of 2017, there are Volkswagen, BMW, Panasonic, GM, Ballard, Freudenberg 6 foreign companies have publicly stated or have to build factories in China.