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CPAP Medical Battery 18650 Battery
May 24, 2017

CPAP is a continuous positive air pressure that allows continuous positive airflow to the airway with a mask. In this way the oxygen machine is called CPAP ventilator. Refers to the spontaneous breathing conditions, the patient should have a stable respiratory drive and appropriate tidal volume, throughout the respiratory cycle artificially impose a certain degree of positive airway pressure, which is conducive to prevent airway collapse, increase the functional residual capacity , Improve lung compliance, and improve oxygenation. In this mode, the ventilator only maintains a certain positive airway pressure, without mechanical ventilation. Only in patients with spontaneous breathing. If the patient has an apnea, the CPAP ventilator can perform the necessary mechanical ventilation according to the preset frequency to protect the patient's safety.

The CPAP will need the battery, severl 18650 battery inside it

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Medical battery

medical battery