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Do Not Use The Current Way To Reduce Electric Car Battery Recharging Time
Dec 09, 2016

Don't know if such a user, to get full charge or charge when needed, by increasing the current approach to charging. This can reduce the charging time, while guaranteeing fully charged, not capacity. So, do you?

Technician tells you, it's terrible! And that is very bad. Why? It turns out that every electric car batteries in the production process are certain specifications, manufacturers of production according to the specifications, all kinds of data have been fixed. Because the charging current is small, and battery charging for a long time, probably in about eight hours, so the night went home plugged in overnight, the next day. However, some people often forget to charge at night, to use power not enough time in the day.

Therefore, to overcome this problem by high current. But, against all expectations, after current increase, not only electric vehicle battery charging capacity, it will cause the battery to heat up very fast, produce large amounts of heat, gas, led to loss of active substances within the battery, thereby affecting the service life of the batteries.

Not only that, the professionals also noted that high current charging time can also lead to polarization phenomenon. So, what is the polarization phenomenon? Polarization phenomenon is a phenomenon in the secondary, primarily batteries when charging and discharging, positive and negative polarized reaction occurs, both potential moves, this is great for battery damage. Coupled with the electric car battery recharging process, concentration polarization more pronounced after you stop charging, spread out, that is to say, although it is full of, but is not used like slow charging time.

In addition, professionals also emphasized the increased charging current, can also lead to gas and temperature rise, and serious water decomposition, led to loss of active substances a lot say, can also lead to internal chemical reactions is not sufficient, the result is necessarily shorten the service life of the battery.