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Due To A Serious Shortage Of Battery Supply Tesla Q2 Delivery Of Only 22,000
Jul 04, 2017

According to CNBC, Tesla said on Monday that the company delivered only slightly more than 22,000 in the second quarter of 2017, down sharply from 25,000 units in the first quarter and 47,700 electric vehicles in the first half of the year. Its 47,000 to 50,000 lower range of expected range.

Tesla said the weak delivery in the second quarter was mainly due to the "serious shortage" of the new battery pack at 100 kWh, but once the problem was solved, the production rate would rebound and it is expected that the Model S and Model X will be delivered in the second half More than the first half. The company previously expected the first half of the delivery of 4.7 million to 50,000 vehicles.

The company said the weak delivery in the second quarter was mainly due to a serious shortage of supply of 100 kwh battery packs, but once the problem is solved, the production rate will rebound.

The second quarter of the delivery of more than 2.2 million vehicles, there are 12,000 Model S and more than 10,000 models Model X. Tesla second quarter production of 25708, the first half of the total output of 51,126 vehicles.

After a series of tweets later on Sunday, Masky said Model 3 had met all regulatory requirements two weeks ahead of schedule. "Production is growing rapidly, so there will be 100 vehicles in August, more than 1,500 in September," he said, "it looks like it will produce 20,000 models per month in December." This is also in line with Tesla's previous It is expected that by the end of this year, 5,000 models will be produced weekly, and "a certain time" will be achieved in 2018. Maske said he expects the first off-line sales of Model 3 to be completed on Friday.

Tesla has received 300,000 models 3 orders, this car starting at 35,000 US dollars. Model 3 also marks Tesla's move from the luxury market to the mass market, which plans to produce 500,000 cars next year, almost six times the 2016 annual output. In February of this year, Reuters said Tesla closed its California assembly plant for a week to prepare for the production of Model 3, the goal is to achieve the goal of production in July.