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Dutch E-commerce Grew 23% In 2016,while China Grew 30% In 2016, So The Same Of Lithium Battery Grew
May 08, 2017

The study found that the Netherlands has seen customer confidence grow by 14 points, resulting in an increase in consumer spending. Last year, €20.16 billion was spent online, of which 75% was spent on services, such as travel and insurance.

Around 25% of e-commerce spending went on products, especially shoes and lifestyle products as well as technology and food.

The findings showed that a quarter of the population bought cross-border at websites such as Amazon and Zalando. The most common country to buy from was China.

The report also forecasts that there will be a 20% growth in 2017, taking the Dutch e-commerce market to over €24 billion.

As of December 2016, China's online payment of users to reach 475 million, compared with December 2015, online payment users increased by 58.31 million, an annual growth rate of 14.0%, the proportion of Internet users to pay online from 60.5% 64.9%. Among them, mobile payment users grew rapidly, reaching 469 million, annual growth rate of 31.2%, Internet users to pay the proportion of online payment from 57.7% to 67.5%.

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