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Electric Car Battery During Use To Ensure That The Heat Sink
Dec 09, 2016

Battery installation location must be reasonable

Electric cars from the first advent to the present, has experienced a number of brands, multiple stages of development, with different characteristics at different stages, have different advantages. And the design of electric vehicle battery position also went through several changes. For example, the first remote installation, though, but can lead to cable stretch, resistance increases, cable temperature rises quickly, and energy loss. Too close, is not conducive to riding.

Left-right could ride in to cause a lot of trouble in the process, leading to falls and other accidents.

Second, there must be a good ventilation environment

Although most batteries are exposed to the outside, but there was no small part is hidden inside the electric cars, this part if the thermal ventilation is not good, it can result in poor cooling. Poor cooling, will accumulate in the battery compartment, affect the comfort of the user, as well as the service life of the battery.

Three, should be high rather than low

Batteries are found in water, the water is the protection of battery chemistry. Battery water affect the electrolytic reaction, therefore, on the choice of installation location, preferably a bit higher. In addition, the battery is not water, and battery is too low, it will be soaked in rain, which led to battery failure.

Four, choose high quality battery

According to the survey data show that 90% people would choose quality better electric car batteries, to use for a long time. And among these groups, there are some people, they're more high quality requirements for batteries, and such a high quality battery in China, Xu-battery only word of mouth is best.