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Energy Storage Lithium Battery Cathode Material - LFP Industrialization
Mar 03, 2017

Storage lithium-ion battery is the driving force after the battery, the rapid development in the domestic emerging lithium applications. In January 2013, the State Council announced the "energy development" in the 12th Five-Year Plan "mentioned in the large-scale wind power stations and distributed renewable energy power generation, in order to achieve a smooth grid and the need to build supporting energy storage power station system, the Planning is considered to be the first year of China's energy storage lithium-ion battery development.

According to the solar power generation / wind power installed capacity of 5% configuration energy storage battery system calculation, "second Five-Year" period, large-scale energy storage power stations and distributed renewable energy power generation projects on the energy storage battery market demand were 51,000 MW and 5000 MW. Coveted energy storage battery market attractive future prospects, the domestic lithium battery manufacturers have energy storage as a strategic direction of enterprise development, vigorously prepare for energy storage market.

Energy storage batteries require many features such as high safety, long life, low price, high energy conversion efficiency, easy maintenance and environment friendliness. There are lead-acid batteries (including lead-acid batteries), lithium-ion batteries, liquid-flow batteries and high-temperature sodium batteries (including sodium-sulfur batteries and ZEBRA batteries), which are already used for commercial energy storage applications. The advantages and disadvantages of the secondary battery, there is no indicators of the current requirements can meet the "ideal battery."

For lithium-ion batteries for energy storage, compared with the layered cathode material and spinel cathode material, only the use of olivine structure cathode material is likely to meet most of its technical indicators. Therefore, I believe that the cathode cathode material should be the first choice for energy storage lithium-ion battery.