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European Battery Association Visited China Battery Industry Association
Dec 09, 2016

On July 1, 2016, the European Association for battery (EUROBAT) Chairman (United States Johnson Vice President of Europe) Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff during the China battery industry association. Alfons Westgeest Executive Secretary of the Association and the United States Johnson, accompanied by Mr Zhang Yong, Senior Manager of Foreign Affairs visited. Zhao Jinsheng, Chairman of the China battery industry association and the European Association for battery (EUROBAT) a friendly meeting with friends, and hold a meeting. Cao Guoqing, accompanied by Deputy Secretary General participated in the meeting and talks.

In meets and discussion in the, both on Association basic situation, and industry overall status, and technology development trend, and regulations system construction, and environmental protection standard, and waste battery recycling processing, problem for has communication and Exchange, consistent think both need each other learning, and understand of information many; are said hope future strengthening in-depth exchange and cooperation, common discussion for advance solution international battery industry concern of related problem, active contribution power.