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Focus On Lithium Film Summit: Big Step Running Under The Three Major Challenges Of Domestic Diaphragm
Mar 06, 2017

Domestic lithium battery is still in the growth of fast lane. According to the High Industry Research Institute of Lithium (GGII) research shows that in 2016 China's lithium battery diaphragm production of more than 1.084 billion square meters, an increase of 72.6%.

From the diaphragm market output value point of view, in 2016 China's lithium diaphragm output value has exceeded 4.25 billion yuan, an increase of more than 70%, output growth close to the output.

For the growth of output value and production, GGII that there are two main reasons, one is the annual wet diaphragm shipments increased, accounting for a significant increase in the proportion of total diaphragm production, from 2014, the total domestic production of wet diaphragm has exceeded 42.5%, and its production accounted for more than dry single pull; Second, the diaphragm thinness and performance has been improved, especially in the digital wet diaphragm, the current domestic has begun to use large quantities of 7um wet film, Individual enterprises began mass production 5um diaphragm, due to the higher price of thin class diaphragm, so the total output value increased.

From the various subdivision point of view, dry membrane (double, single pull) shipments of 623 million square meters, an increase of 58.5%; wet diaphragm shipments of more than 461 million square meters, an increase of 96.2%.

From the trend, first, wet diaphragm growth is greater than dry, rapid growth in demand. 2016 domestic several major categories of power battery production capacity to speed up the increase in demand for wet diaphragm.

Second, the proportion of ternary battery growth and digital soft battery production increased, driven by increased production of wet coated diaphragm. Before 2015, coated diaphragm is mainly used for high-end digital batteries and special requirements of the power battery. The demand for wet-coated membranes has skyrocketed, and the share of the coated membrane has risen from 65% in 2015 to 70% in 2016.

High-performance lithium combined with the leading aluminum-plastic film industry Dao Ming photoelectric will be held on March 31 in Mission Hills, Dongguan, "2017 high-performance lithium film technology application summit."

The theme of the forum is: Pathfinder industry breakthrough in domestic lithium film "broken" and "legislation", will invite domestic and foreign experts in the field of lithium film and technology, leading power battery business executives and other guests over 100, from the technical upgrade, Market breakout, industrial layout and other aspects of domestic diaphragm, aluminum film, packaging film and other new opportunities and new challenges.

GGII that the big run at the same time, domestic diaphragm and aluminum plastic film industry challenges can not be ignored in the field of diaphragm. First, overcapacity; Second, the quality of good and bad; Third, the high-end market is still occupied by foreign giants. In addition, with the three yuan battery lifesaving and high energy density battery demands, the battery safety requirements are getting higher and higher, the corresponding requirements of the diaphragm to improve the market for the coating and other new technologies are proposed new requirements.