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Fuel Cell Long Way To The 13 Domestic Enterprises Have Been The First Layout
Mar 07, 2017

Although the hydrogen fuel cell industrialization road long way, but the domestic enterprises are still involved, trying to win at the starting line.

The cost of fuel cell vehicle industrialization is: 1, the cost of hydrogen fuel cell stack and the life of the problem; 2, large-scale production of hydrogen, transportation and filling (hydrogenation station) process of the higher cost of comprehensive use; Hydrogenation station construction is the government level of the problem; 4, in the long run depends on the large-scale low-cost preparation of hydrogen.

Lithium industry well-known technical experts JFD that, at present, the domestic fuel cell stack with a complete design and manufacturing capacity of the company, is basically the use of imported raw materials for assembly production. In the core of the industrial production of raw materials, China is almost a blank.

Although the subsidy policy clearly pointed out that the fuel cell vehicle subsidies will not fall, fuel cell passenger car 200,000 yuan / vehicle; light passenger cars, trucks 300,000 yuan / vehicle; large and medium-sized passenger cars, heavy trucks 50 million / Support for hydrogen fuel cells. However, from 2017 released two batches of new energy vehicles recommended directory point of view, only a fuel cell bus shortlisted, see the threshold of the strict.

At present, the domestic operation of the hydrogen fuel cell bus nearly 40, built hydrogen station 8, the actual operation of three, hydrogen fuel cell bus still stay in the demonstration run stage.