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High Magnification Soft Package Lithium Battery Market Size Of 5.2 Billion
Jun 03, 2017

the polymer battery has rapid developments due to the high rapid of the smart phone and handheld PC. But now due to the popular of the smart phone and the handheld pc, the request of the polymer battery is slow.


While due to fierce competition, some of the manufacture has to looking for new profit. So they focus on high profit and low competition for high density polymer battery.


Now the high density polymer battery is widely used in aerial photography, toy, electric tool ,electric cigarette, smart medical deice, AGV robot ,mitary


Due to this wide markting, the high density battery has a rapid development.


It is reports ,in 2014 the revenue of the high density polymer battery is as high as five billion and two hundred million, it increased 49% compare to 2014. 


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