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High Technology Of High Density Lithium Battery
Jul 19, 2017

High energy density development routes include: high voltage cathode material, high grams of positive and negative material capacity. High voltage cathode material usually refers to the battery using a voltage higher than 4.2V cathode material. Lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, ternary have high voltage materials.


One of the high-voltage lithium cobalt oxide commercialization has been very mature, a large number of high-end digital products, the energy density higher than the ordinary three-element battery At present, high voltage lithium cobalt oxide battery voltage is usually 4.35V, the next 3-5 years 4.4V, 4.5V high voltage lithium cobalt oxide battery or large-scale application.


Ternary high voltage cathode material application is very little, basically in the research stage. But the ternary high-voltage cathode material may be the future to achieve 300Wh / kg energy density breakthrough.


At present, the capacity of the ternary NCM811 material has exceeded 180mAh / g, and the high voltage can be achieved by coating or mixing. At the same time, the capacity of the ternary NCM811 is increased (the high voltage material is equivalent to the activation of lithium with no activity at low voltage, Limit the use of materials). But the current high-voltage ternary material there are many technical problems are not resolved, the stability of the material itself has not yet been resolved