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Hitachi Developed 48V Lithium-ion Battery Pack Energy Density Increased 1.5 Times
Jun 07, 2017

It is reported that Hitachi Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. for medium-sized hybrid vehicles, the development of the output density and energy density are high 48V lithium-ion battery pack. The output density of 1.25 times the traditional single product, the energy density of 1.5 times the traditional single product. In the future, Hitachi Automotive will begin supplying samples to automotive manufacturers' customers and is committed to mass production in 2019.

In recent years, the battery and motor power assisted gasoline engine driven medium-sized hybrid vehicle system, as a way to effectively reduce the fuel consumption of passenger cars have been widespread concern. 2016 global average annual hybrid oil and electricity hybrid cars reached about 450,000, is expected to 2023 will be more than 12.8 million. Especially in Europe and China, equipped with 48V lithium-ion battery medium-sized hybrid system has a good effect of reducing fuel consumption and high cost, will be able to quickly spread.

Hitachi Automotive Systems has been tightly grasp the development trend of the market, in March 2016 developed for medium-sized hybrid vehicles with 48V lithium-ion battery pack, combined with the previous advantages for the hybrid car lithium-ion battery Body Manufacturing Technology and Battery Management System (BMS) technology.

Lithium-ion battery is through the lithium ion in the electrode material to move to achieve charge and discharge. To increase the battery output density, the method used in the past is usually to reduce the thickness of the electrode film to reduce the resistance. However, the output density increases, but there have been insufficient energy savings capacity of the subject.

The new lithium-ion battery pack, the electrode structure of the battery was micron-sized improved, the formation of lithium ion easy to flow structure, without reducing the thickness of the electrode film under the premise of achieving a reduction in resistance to improve the output density.

At the same time, the material of the positive electrode and the negative electrode is further improved, and the lithium content accumulated in the unit weight is increased and the energy density is improved. Thus, the new lithium-ion battery pack in the output density and energy density are high, the output density is equivalent to 1.25 times the traditional single product, energy density is equivalent to 1.5 times the traditional single product.

In addition, the new lithium-ion battery pack also achieved control of the internal resistance of the battery, reducing the heat, and the use of thermal conductivity and high heat-generating metal lithium-ion battery made of the frame, which no longer need Cooling fan, to enhance the freedom to set the set, effectively reducing the overall thickness of the product, while enhancing the quiet performance.

With the increase in output density, the motor acceleration assistance torque performance is enhanced, the maximum output power can reach more than 12kW, start more powerful. At the same time, the maximum input power to more than 15kW, sudden brake generated a large number of renewable energy can also be achieved recycling, reducing energy consumption. In the input and output performance is improved on the basis of energy density increases, fuel consumption has also been effectively reduced.

In the future, Hitachi Automotive will continue to offer electric vehicles with great potential for market demand, providing electric power transmission products including high-performance, high-reliability lithium-ion batteries, promoting the development and popularization of electric vehicles, and contributing to environmental protection