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How To Prevent Vehicle Battery Self Discharge?
Dec 09, 2016

This discharge is all electric car battery would have its own normal, typically battery self discharge every day 1% to 2% power, time will put out all electrical, therefore, placed battery charge will appear only half a month. Electric vehicle battery discharge occurs, there are the following reasons:

A, long storage time

This is normal consumption, so there is no need to have any fear. After the battery in place for a long time, because decrypting and discharge is the case.

Second, electrolyte without solid contains impurities

Regular factory production of electric car batteries the electrolyte is very pure, Basic does not contain impurities and discharge slowly, within the normal range. While some electric car batteries discharge very quickly, the main reason is that the electrolyte is not pure, containing impurities, thus forming a potential difference, lead battery, power is consumed.

Three external bypass, battery or short circuit

According to professionals, when the battery lead wire from the rest of the body formed in bridge when on battery or wires, spanners and other easy to form negative when connected, there will be severe discharge phenomena. In addition, when the battery shell or CAP has spilled electrolyte leakage, can also cause discharge.

So, how should it be prevent batteries discharge themselves? Also has three:

First, strengthening the maintenance, recharge the

As with all charged items, electric car batteries need maintenance, and maintenance, not only in order to extend the life span, but to make batteries for our services. In the process of maintenance, to pay attention to the battery clean, always check if there is any damage. In addition, after the battery if battery for 50%, it is necessary to recharge, do not wait for the power to come to charging.

Second, buying a high-quality battery

Now, has lots of good battery brands in the market, such as Xu battery. Dr Xu of the brand batteries than ordinary battery 60% life, when more than half a year's warranty, and more than 20% of endurance. In addition, Asahi battery or there is more than one series, suitable for different user needs.

Third, gently

Electrolyte in the batteries is very important in moving process, therefore must be handled with care to avoid collision damage shell, resulting in leakage of electrolyte.