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Ingenico Business Shortcomings To Pay 2017 POS Equipment Centralized Procurement
May 19, 2017

Recently, the old third-party payment agencies - Communications Payment Network Services Co., Ltd. successfully completed the 2017 POS equipment centralized procurement projects, China's electronic payment industry leader - Ingenico(Landi) Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd.'s 17 terminal equipment products finalists.

Founded in 2008, the payment is a comprehensive payment service enterprise, providing customers with one-stop capital flow solution, has set up 36 provincial branches, more than 280 secondary city business department, more than 1,800 county service Point, in the development of China's electronic payment industry plays a decisive role. In the field of payment terminals, through the payment and the joint business to establish a good and stable partnership, has reached nine years.

It is understood that the Ingenico(Landi) commercial use of this shortlisted products cover the traditional financial POS E8 series, as well as simple POS, telephone POS, MPOS, and small payment terminal M500, intelligent desktop self-service terminal W280P, industrial handheld terminal P950, smart handheld Type terminal APOS A8 and other types.

Among them, APOS A8 is the United States in 2016 launched the high-end intelligent products, the first to use Android5.X version of the smart operating system to support 4G all Netcom, through PCI certification, the success of traditional POS into the smart era, and access to "2016-2017 China Internet Financial Security Annual Innovation Product Award ", is China's electronic payment terminal manufacturing industry only won the award of the product. The E8 series is a new generation of financial POS, a new generation of financial POS, in addition to maintaining fast, safe features, can effectively reduce the agency's total cost of ownership and management costs, known as the "super-financial POS."

In response to the mobile payment market development needs, Ingenico(Landi) business timely introduction of a small consumption for the scene of the rapid payment terminal M500, dimensions only 169mm × 81mm × 41mm, small and beautiful and portable. M500 can fully support non-card card fast online payment, mobile phone NFC payment (UnionPay cloud pay, Apple Pay, Huawei Pay, etc.), scanning payment and other mainstream payment, easy to achieve "secret, free, do not print" fast online payment The

Keen grasp the development trend of electronic payment market and demand, continue to adhere to product innovation, Ingenico(landi)business for several years to lead the domestic payment terminal market for the industry continue to export more and better products and solutions to provide users with more convenient payment Experience.

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