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Kayo Battery 2017 At The End Of Plastic Shell Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Capacity Will Reach 2GWh
Apr 14, 2017

Jiabei Si has been committed to plastic shell lithium iron phosphate battery product technology

 line, the end will form 2GWh production capacity, product coverage vehicle,

 marine, mining, energy storage and other markets.

 In terms of energy density, the energy energy of high-energy lithium iron phosphate battery

 is 146Wh / kg, and the energy density is 123Wh / kg.

At present, the main products for the 50-200Ah battery products,

 the maximum capacity of 400Ah, mainly for energy storage market. 

For the 2017 market planning, Jia Beth will increase the export business development, 

while in the domestic selection of several high-quality car customers to cooperate.

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