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Labor And Delivery Procedures: Electronic Fetal Monitoring
Mar 11, 2017

Your baby has spent the past nine months peacefully floating in a warm amniotic bath, so making the trip through the narrow birth canal probably won't be quite so relaxing. During labor, your baby will be squeezed by your strong uterine muscles, then pushed and molded as he or she makes the journey though your pelvis and into the world. While most babies will sail through childbirth like little troopers, others find the stress of labor too difficult, and respond with decelerations in heart rate, rapid or slowed-down movement, or other signs of fetal distress.  

External monitoring: An ultrasound transducer is strapped over your abdomen to pick up the baby's heartbeat. A second detector is strapped to the top of your abdomen to record the frequency and power of your contractions. Both are connected to a monitor, and the measurements are recorded on a paper readout. These two measurements give your practitioner detailed information about how your baby is handling labor.

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