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Lead Acid Battery For The E-bikes With A Lithium One
Feb 17, 2017
  1. For the battery, get LiFePO4 (a.k.a LFP). The benefit of getting LFP is, it's a drop in replacement. The voltage profile is very much similar with your old lead acid, so no need to concern about voltage compatibility.

  2. For the charger, IF you want to re-use your old charger, make absolutely sure your old charger maximum voltage does not exceed 14V per battery (I don't know how many batteries in series for your old system. So, if it's 24V system, make sure the charger don't exceed 28V). This is probably the hardest criteria to meet, so very likely you'll need to buy a new charger specific for your LFP.

  3. Don't discharge your LFP completely. Unlike lead acid, you need to monitor your usage and stop using it when it's close to 'empty'. I myself use V2 Cycle Analyst Info Page to monitor my usage.

  4. Size. How much size tolerance can you accept in your battery frame? The new battery will be slightly off (not much) compared to your old battery. Since LFP will be lighter than your lead acid, no other concern here (you won't be missing the extra weight right?).

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