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Lithium Battery Manufacturing Robot Into The Speed Of Three Major Pain Points
May 04, 2017

 China's lithium battery production in 2016 will reach 59.9GWh, an increase of 29%, despite the slowdown in the first quarter, but with the release of local subsidies and the introduction of the promotion directory, GGII is expected in 2017 lithium battery production will reach 76.2GWh.

Market demand growth at the same time, for the power of large-scale manufacturing, the overall performance improvement, cost reduction and so put forward more stringent requirements, in this context, the original manufacturing model has been unable to meet the needs of the battery business , Intelligent, automated production line upgrade is imminent.

Lithium battery production process is a discrete production mode, the current situation is that although the production process has been used a large number of automated plane, such as automatic coating, automatic welding, automatic, etc., but the degree of automation and car production is still relatively low , The link between the production links is still artificial.

To fundamentally solve the lithium-ion battery production quality of poor consistency, low efficiency, weak cost control and other issues, but also by improving the production equipment control accuracy, production line automation level to solve. Among them, the industrial robot and related technology is one of the important step.