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Lithium Ion Power Battery Raw Material
May 13, 2017

The recent domestic lithium carbonate market began to start, is the battery-level lithium carbonate mainstream price of 13.5-13.8 million / ton, industrial grade lithium carbonate price in the 12.5-128 million / ton, compared with January prices, or 8-10 %, This price is the lithium carbonate manufacturers and manufacturers of the agreement price, many small and medium-sized materials manufacturers reflect the current market price of 14 million / ton has been difficult to buy goods. And this rally seems to be continuing.

The main reason for the rise in lithium carbonate prices is:

1, the downstream demand gradually released. Positive 4 - 5 months, are the traditional peak season of lithium, this year the market is not as hot as expected, but compared with January to March, both lithium iron phosphate, ternary material operating rate has been improved this year, three Meta-materials on the new production capacity is also gradually released, and lithium cobalt oxide on the overall demand for lithium carbonate is relatively stable, so the late lithium carbonate resource situation will continue.

2, lithium carbonate production is generally stable, limited production space is limited. Salt Lake Halogenated lithium production capacity has not yet been released in April. Lithium resources are rich, but because of the domestic salt lake resources are located in high altitude, poor environment, industrial base is poor; in addition to Tibet Salt Lake, the other salt lake magnesium ratio is high, the separation is difficult, and due to differences in salt lake composition, lithium technology The At present, salt production capacity of about 50,000 tons / year, but the utilization rate is only about 35%. In addition, SQM this year, China's delivery volume is also less than expected, lithium carbonate supply is still relatively tight supply.

From the lithium carbonate manufacturer was informed that the downstream material market from March to April demand slowly began to enlarge, especially in May, so manufacturers orders to the old customers, and tight. Jiang special motor line will be put into operation in May - June, an increase of 200 tons per month production.