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Lithium Plate Semi-annual Report Qicheng Pre-hi Lithium Carbonate Demand Or By 7%
Jun 01, 2017

Lithium industry to maintain high growth momentum, so that the concept of 70% of listed companies semi-annual report pre-hi.

Data show that as of May 30, 53 stocks in the A shares of lithium-listed companies, 33 have issued interim results notice. Among them, the loss, continued surplus, slightly increased, pre-increase and other pre-hi companies 24, accounting for up to 72.7%. Industry analysts believe that the lithium plate after the early adjustment, the valuation back to a relatively reasonable level, semi-annual report period or will usher in investment opportunities.

Endogenous extension to improve performance

Wind statistics show that in 2016, lithium battery concept plate listed company revenue total growth of 21.46%, net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company totaled 64.28% year on year. The first quarter of this year, the plate total net profit rose 18.58%, lithium industry chain upstream raw materials, the middle of the lithium material, the downstream battery manufacturing areas are achieved growth.

Some companies achieved growth by releasing endogenous power. Such as Dao Ming Optics is expected, from January to June 2017 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 40.6622 million yuan to 51,155,100 yuan, an increase of 80% to 130%. The company said that during the reporting period, raising investment project "with an annual output of 30 million square meters of functional film production line construction project" has been put into operation, production capacity continued to release. In the original reflective material on the basis of continuous improvement, the company micro-prism reflective film performance improved sales revenue over the same period last year have increased significantly.

new lithium batteries

new lithium batteries