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Long Letter Technology 67.5 Billion Acquisition Of BAK Power 75% Stake In Power Battery
Mar 09, 2017

Long letter technology and BAK powerful combination behind, not only to long letter technology to the new energy automotive industry chain strategy extension, but also to promote BAK to the international. Trading counterparty commitment, BAK Power 2017 - 2019 net profit of not less than 700 million, 1.2 billion and 1.25 billion.

BAK power landing A shares of the program finally surfaced. Long letter technology on March 8 evening announcement, intended to issue shares and pay the way to buy BAK batteries, Tibet Hao Ze and other holdings of 75% stake in the gas, the transaction price of 6.75 billion yuan. The company also proposed to raise the way to raise more than 1.756 billion yuan to raise funds matching funds.

Prior to the completion of the transaction, the listed company will hold 84% stake in Beike Power, the remaining 16% stake will be expected to fulfill the performance of the timely completion of the performance. Despite the large volume of BAK, but this transaction does not constitute a backdoor listing.

In addition, long letter technology in the plan for the first time to respond to and Tesla years "scandal". Long letter technology, said the company has been cut into the Tesla supply chain system, one of the mature manufacturers in the Tesla Model S late on the model provides a dashboard, in pure electric SUV Model X models provide a dashboard and Part of the control screen.