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Low Temperature High Magnification Battery Pilot Lithium New Vision
Jul 08, 2017

2020, the scale of the household energy storage market will reach 300MW, while the lithium-ion battery household energy storage system market value of 100 million US dollars or so. "Family energy storage market prospects are very broad, we will rely on their own products of good quality to compete for this piece of the market." ZTE to send executive vice president Yang Qingheng that the distributed household energy storage market will detonate the future of the new bright spot in the lithium industry.

And for its low-temperature high-rate batteries, Yang Qingheng also full of confidence. Yang Qingheng introduced that the display of the batteries in addition to a good low-temperature high-performance performance, but also has a long life, safety and stability characteristics, to meet the needs in extreme weather conditions.

ZTE can be in the industry renowned Li battery system solutions provider, the main products for the power battery and energy storage system. ZTE can be in the enterprise within the industrial chain vertical integration, from the material field to the lithium battery production processes, have a mature technology and application experience. ZTE can save energy and power battery products have been recognized by the industry, its wholly owned subsidiary Jiangsu Zhongxing Pai Battery Co., Ltd. won the 2014 high-power lithium gold ball award "power battery" category awards.


"In the future, ZTE will be able to increase R & D investment, so that products to a high security, long life, low-cost direction to meet the new energy vehicles and energy storage market, the rapid growth of demand, and further open the communications energy and new energy Car market space. "Yang Qingheng said.