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Meng Lion New Energy Total Investment 3.15 Billion Yuan With An Annual Output Of 6GWh Project Started In Yicheng
Mar 16, 2017

Meng Lion Technology Chairman Chenle Wu said in his speech, Hubei Meng lion high-end lithium project is the lion science and technology layout of the Central Plains, the company implemented the "2351" strategy an important measure. The high-end battery manufacturing is the core business of the lion technology and the foundation of the three major business segments of the lion technology. The project will accelerate the pace of the company's strategic transformation and greatly enhance the production capacity of the high-quality lithium-ion battery and further consolidate the market position of the company's power battery The Meng Lion Technology is willing to go hand in hand with the party committees and governments at all levels to jointly create a high level, high-tech, high-yield high-end lithium battery industry demonstration base.

It is understood that the lion Yucheng high-end lithium industrial park is located in Hubei Province Yicheng Economic Development Zone, the total investment of about 3.15 billion yuan, covering 457 acres, planning and construction of six automatic production lines, with an annual capacity of 6GWh, the main production 40Ah and Above the capacity of the square aluminum shell ternary power lithium batteries, batteries and PACK, after production can be equipped with an annual output of 200,000 electric vehicles lithium battery system. The project an annual capacity of 2GWh lithium battery, with an annual output of about 13.5 million electric car with a shell of lithium-ion battery.

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